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Customer's Perception Is Our Reality

Our company has established with the focused vision to connect  Buyers & Sellers of Alloy (Aluminum, Copper, Lead & Zinc etc.) across all over the world.

We set up a state of the art technology where  Manufacturers & Traders can trade from raw material to finished products in one single platform based on live market price levels and their quantity requirements.


We know the right way of trading.

We are people who make a difference around the world. Learn more about our approach to sustainability.

Specificfze is the transparent market place for metal producers, consumers and traders. Market participants delivery physical metal, trade regionally on the spot market and value their metal at all-in prices that reflect regional supply and demand.

Specificfze provides regional trading at major trade hubs. Supported through a worldwide network of approved warehouses traders benefit from global reach and local prices.

Metal traders access the markets directly 24x7. Warehouses and market participants adhere to highest admission standards. Continuous compliance monitoring induces trust and ensures stable and transparent markets.

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Great Deals for a great cause.

We have continuously and effectively responded to growing demands of our society, meeting the challenges as they become due, thereby solidifying its reputation in the metal industry as a successful metal merchant, processor and producer.